Project of Lord Shiva Statue (Murti) with Himalayan Mountains at Ganga Talao, Mauritius.


The proposed Lord Shiva statue project at religious place like Ganga Talao will be a main prestigious landmark in Mauritius like other wonders in the world.It will be religiously pacified by nationals and will be good attraction for foreign tourists. This Lord Shiva’s Statue shall be the biggest Lord Shiva Statue in the world made at this level until now.






Introduction of Lord Shiva

From ancient time it has been believed that there is a supernatural power that has created and sustained this universe.This single strong power is worshipped by all people in this world as ‘The God’ irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion. Nobody has been able to define the form, shape and size of this power ‘ The God’. However the Hindu religion of India has imagined the God in simple human form and idolized him as Mahadev- the Great God-’Lord Shiva’.This Lord Shiva (Lord Shankara) is worshipped in the form of 'Linga' and Statue.There are innumerable Shivalingas, Temples & Statues all over the world.

God is one.Lord Shiva, The God (Power of the Universe) is open to all religions of the world to worship.Praying to God is always beneficial to all people for their health, wealth and happiness in life.





Ganga Talao

Late Shri.Jhummo Giri Gossane,a Pujari from Terre dreamt of pariya (fairies) dancing around the Talao (lake).He discovered this Talao at eve of Mahashivratri.

The Talao surrounded by beautiful mountains has heavenly environment exactly as he had dreamt of it.He named this Talao as ‘Pari Talao’. Later it is called ‘Ganga Talao’ after the holy water of river Ganges from India poured in it at eve of Mahashivratri. At this very place the Hindu Maha Sabha was formed a hundred years ago.A century after the formation of the Hindu Maha Sabha a well known devotee of Lord Shiva late Shri. Gulshan Kumar from India visited Mauritius on being invited by Hon. Finance Minister Shri.V.Banwaree during Mahashivratri.He visualized the realization of the Pujari’s dream of the Pari talao, which he thought would be complete with a grand Statue of Lord Shiva in front of the lake. After his untimely demise, Shri.V.Banwaree decided to carry forward these ideas by making of the Shiva Statue and the Mansarovar Lake.






Design Considerations

It is planned to construct an 85 feet high statue of Lord Shiva with 30’ high Himalayan Mountains behind and a prayer platform 50,000 sft in front of the statue of Lord Shiva.In accordance to the principles of Vastu shastra and in harmony with the traditional Hindu Temple architecture of western India, the statue faces the west direction (paschim mukhi) where the devotee while offering the Morning Prayer to Lord Shiva statue also faces The God of life Suryanarayana (Sun God). A 20’ high Mahadwara (Main Entrance Gate) on Ganga Talao complex is planned to be built before The Statue of Lord Shiva.

a) The Statue is in a sitting position with four hands.Two hands in folding position for meditation, (Dhyana mudra) one left hand raised to hold Damru and the right hand in a raised position holding the Trishul (This hand can be in a position of giving blessings - Ashirwad).River Ganga is placed on the head (Jatas) which will flow like a fountain 15’ high with the help of an electric motor & pumps. Beaded Necklaces (Rudraksha Malas) and snakes are around neck and hands.Shivji is seated on tiger skin, which is placed on a 15’ high natural stone platform. He is shown wearing tiger skin around his waist. Water pot (Kamandalu) is placed in front left side on the stone platform. This water pot can be used as water tank for drinking water purpose.Totally Shiva’s sitting position shall resemble that which lies at Kailash on Himalayan Mountains.

b) 300 feet long & 30 feet High Himalayan Mountain around the statue shall create a background of Himalayan Mountains. One tunnel (Gumpha) is planned to pass through the Himalayas from the left to the right side (Clockwise).Lord Shiva’s story (Mahima) will be carved on the tunnel walls in various styles in stone and plaster. Devotees will have a complete round (Parikrama) while going through the tunnel. Statues of Gods & Demons (Devas & Danavas) will be carved / made on Himalayan Mountains on the right and left sides of Lord Shiva, in praying position.


c) Main Entrance Gate - Main Entrance Gate to Ganga Talao Temple Complex is planned before the entry to the Statue with a small security room.Temple architecture of North, South, East and West is combined in the design of the Main Gate.The history of the Ganga Talao will be written on a marble slab on the Main Entrance Gate.

d) Mansarovar (Water pond) One small water pond is planned in front of the statue. The size of the pond is 60 feet X 50 feet 10 feet deep.Devotees will be able to see a mirror image of Lord Shiva’s Statue in the Mansorvar water while entering from the main entrance. There will be a low-level barrier in front of Mansarovar, so that people cannot go close to the statue.Water from Pari Talao will be pumped into Mansarovar, water from there will be pumped to Shiva’s head (Jatas) where the head of Ganga will be carved.Ganga water will sprinkle like a fountain upwards about 15’ high and fall on Himalayan Mountains and will flow down to Mansarovar lake again.Purification plant is planned to clean the water before taking the water towards Shiva’s head. Statues of dancing fairies can be placed in Mansarovar to remind the history of Pari Talao.

e) Prayer Platform - A platform of one-foot height in front of the statue will provide space for devotees and pilgrims to sit or stand and pray to God. The size of the platform is approx. 50000 sft. to accommodate about 10000 pilgrims at a time.Sufficient low-level lighting poles are necessary for light arrangement on the platform. Focus / floodlight will highlight the statue & the Himalayan Mountains at night.

f) Office & Security Rooms - Office block with security guards room and shoes storeroom is necessary at the entrance.Water arrangement for drinking and hand cleaning with one toilet block for Gents & Ladies will be provided behind the office block.


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