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It is important to identify the directions. Lord Brahma allotted the south-eastern corner of every house on earth to Vastupurusha.

The shape of the plot of land also carries significance in Vastushastra.

The inside of the house also carries significance in Vastushastra.

It might be surprising to many but at the root of many worries & moments of unhappiness & ill fortune, there lies nothing but one's own house, the home or abode where one lives with the family. Therefore, our ancestors in vedic times discovered a very useful science viz. Vastushstra. It certainly helps common men tide over worries & problems if the advice given in the Vastushastra is followed.

Vastushastra helps one gain the natural benefits freely offered by the Panchamahabhootas, the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. They are…
Akash - Sky
Pruthvi - Earth
Pani - Water
Agni - Fire
Vayoo - Wind.

Those who tend not to believe in these things should atleast know that if following the Vastushastra does not benefit them, neither would they be harmed. So why not try out the path painstakingly found by our ancestors?

Necessity for Vastushastra
Food, Clothing & shelter are the basic needs of man. We always have a strong emotional bond connecting us to our homes.

Authenticity of Vastushastra
God is present in the north-east direction. Having a water body in this direction ensures prosperity.

Indian Temple Vastu Shastra

E.g. On North-Eastern side of Japan is the largest water body in form of the Pacific Ocean, which explains the reasons for its growing prosperity.
Agni is supposedly located on south-eastern side.
E.g. In Mumbai city Atomic Power Plant (Agni) is located on its south-eastern side & in the direction of north-east is a water body, which is why compared to other ports, Mumbai is more prosperous.

Indian Temple Vastu Shastra:

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