The Shape of the Plot

The shape of the plot of land also carries significance in Vastushastra. Before making plans to construct a house, one must consider the shape of the land.
It is always better to have a plot the north-south length of which is more than the east-west length. A house built on such a plot brings peace & prosperity for the owner.
A small plot sandwiched between two large sized plots should be avoided as the owner becomes poorer & poorer.
The prosperity of the owner either halts or deteriorates if he lives in a house, which is built on a plot with a tapering end towards the north-east. The north-eastern side of the plot should instead be broader. Similarly, the owner encounters ill-fortune if he chooses a plot which tapers towards the east.

1. A square shaped plot is always the best choice. It certainly offers good fortune to the owner of the house built on it.
2. A rectangular plot of land also proves to be beneficial but all its corners should be perfectly perpendicular to each other. The owner of the house built on such a plot always succeeds in all his endeavours.
3. The plot should not be circular in shape as it heralds poverty & penury in the life of the owner of the house constructed on it.
4. Bhadrasan shaped land is always beneficial for the owner.
5. A Gomukhi plot, (the shape of which is like the face of a cow) ushers in prosperity in the life of the owner who builds his residence on such a plot. Gomukhi plots are those whose front portion is shorter & narrower than the hind portion.
6. A Vyaghramukhi plot (the shape of which is like the face of a tiger), on the other hand, is not good as a house built on it brings poverty, unhappiness & relentless labour in the life of its occupants.
7. A shapeless plot, a plot without any particular shape, is always inauspicious. A house built on such a plot spells unhappiness & fear for the residents.
8. Egg shaped land is always good as the house constructed on it makes its occupants rich in character & education.
9. A triangular shaped plot is not favourable as a house built on it, invites disputes & causes quarrels. Peace & happiness never dwells in such a house.
10. A broad portion on the north-eastern side of the plot spells prosperity for the owner.
11. There is a strong possibility of a person going mad or turning lunatic, if the broader part of the plot of his residence is towards the north-west.
12. An 'L' shaped plot should be avoided for constructing a house as the house never ushers in mental peace for the owner. It is better to split the plot into two pieces.
13. If the plot is without any particular shape, it is always better to divide it to give it a different & favourable shape to the two smaller plots in order to avoid unhappiness, ill-fortune & discontent in the future.

Shapeless or weird shaped plots should never be purchased even if they are available at cheaper rates.