Durga Mata Mandir Sydney, Australia.

Project Details

Considering the linear nature of the site and the narrow access, the complex is planned with multi-level structures and linear paths. Between the major Structures of the Prayer Hall and the Cultural Hall, the Prayer Hall which will be used daily is placed in the front while the occasionally used Cultural Hall is placed behind. The Traditional treatment of the Prayer hall will also impart a religious ambiance to the entrance. The residential functions are placed on the rear as this will be appropriate for their peaceful existence.

  1. Main Entrance : This will be situated along Hollywood Drive . The Guard room and a Green zone along this edge create a buffer zone between the Complex and the Traffic on the main road. The Main Gateway will be designed in the form of a Grand Darwaza, commonly used in traditional Indian Temple Complexes.

  2. Religious Pathway : This will be a Pathway lined with trees and containing various sculptures depicting religious and mythological figures and their stories. This will serve as an informative tool for the younger generations.

  3. Plaza : This is an Open Space created in front of the Main Building which creates a foreground for the Complex and serves as an open air waiting/resting place with benches, fountains, Canopies etc. Other ancillary structures will adjoin the plaza like the Offices, Toilets, Wash areas, space for Classes and Security office.

  4. Main building (Prayer Hall) : This is 2000 sq m two storied building with Prayer Hall at the Upper level and Kitchen and Cultural Hall on the lower Level. It is placed near the Plaza and will open up through a Grand Staircase that leads one to the Prayer Hall on the Upper Level. Two Elevators are provided for the disabled. This structure will be designed as per the laws of Hindu Temple Architecture with traditional elements.
    Within the Prayer hall on the top floor seen facing is the Main Garbha Griha (Sanctum). In the Main Garbha Griha is placed the statue of Durga Mata . A Parikrama Path (circum ambulatory Path) is formed around the Garbha Griha, along whose wall are carved statues of the other eight Forms of the Goddess. This way devotees can get darshan of the nine Mata's on by one.
    There are four Garbha Griha' s placed next to the main one which house statues of 1) Shivji Parivar, 2) Ramji Parivar, 3) Radha Krishna and 4) Nava Griha respectively. Two other Garbha Griha's near at the Entrance at the left and right corners are for Ganeshji and Hanumanji respectively.
    Two Emergency exits are provided at the rear of the Hall. Natural Light is taken through Small Decorated windows with thermal insulation. The Wall around the Hall is a 2 feet thick cavity wall made up of concrete blocks in the outside and wooden partition on the inside for acoustic and thermal insulation. The air heating arrangement will be through these walls.
    The hall has four balconies projecting on the side which serve as viewing platforms and refuge areas in case of emergencies .
    Three light weight octagonal pyramidal domes are placed on top of the Main Hall. These domes will be made from metal frame and Fiber Glass (FRP) and will provide additional natural light from top. The main Shikhar (dome) will have the traditional form of a North Indian Temple and will be placed above the nine statues of the main deity.
    Footwear room and cloakroom will be placed below the Stairs with access on both sides.
    Bhojan (Dining) Hall and Community Hall 500 sq m each are planned on the lower level. The Bhojan Hall will have 3 entries: the Service entry on the right and entry for devotees on the left. There is a separate entry for the disabled.
    The Community Hall has 4 entrances and has a small stage provided. The community hall can be used as a cultural and functional hall for the time being before the second stage.
    Green rooms, Tea/coffee rooms, library, and foyers can be provided later.

  5. Cultural Hall : This will be a 1000 sq m building which will house all the community functions of the project. This will be part of the second phase of the project and will be designed will similar elements as of the Main building.

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